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Taking advantage of social networks in your mobile apps
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 00:00

With an amazingly high amount of users and an ever growing popularity, social networks have become a real asset in many business strategies. How to create a buzz for your brand ? How to provide a better user experience ? These are the questions social networks help answering.

Social networks


Social networks might look strange if one consider their number, their fast evolution, how different they look from one another and their specific vocabulary. Hopefully for editors and developers, social networks get really interesting when integrated into third party applications and web services, which is why most of them provide libraries to easily interact with them.

The popular Facebook and Twitter allow third party developers to use their authentication mechanism in new application or web services, thus, users won't need anymore to create many account on many different web site, they can use their favorite social network account to login anywhere on the web.

Social networks are also an source of inspiration for new features to include in your product. Some examples are the Arcad Fire's video clip using HTML 5 or the Orange's boule de neige campaign that personalize media contents using information taken from your social network.

Social networks can be a valuable tools for communication. They are the places where "buzzes" happen. For a company, being active on a social network is a very efficient way to manage its own reputation.

Illustration from webdeez.eu