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Client satisfaction survey for Terra Nova

Satisfaction is the main concern of all companies involved in mature markets. Indeed each new client is rarely a new client of the market, he is a client taken from a competitor. Thus the acquisition cost of this client is quite high. The capacity to retain him is crucial and mainly based on the capacity of the company to satisfy him.

Terra Nova is specialized in furnitures distribution. It has chosen to address the high-end market and differentiate itself from the competition by the quality of its products and services. It seems natural that such a company decides to measure the satisfaction of its customers. 

Terra Nova

KenaGard took in charge the study of all the aspects of a business that are involved in generating satisfaction or dissatisfaction among clients. This included the traditional steps to make such a survey:

  • Preliminary meetings with the management team to fix the purpose of the survey and to understand the business problematics;
  • Realization of the questionnaire covering the main factors of a client satisfaction: shops, products, prices, shipping and after-sales services;
  • Analysis and synthesis of the results.


Beyond descriptive statistics, the real added value provided by KenaGard lies in the data mining we did on this project. Our analysis focused on explaining client's global satisfaction: What are the criteria most influencing the answers to: "What is your degree of satisfaction of Terra Nova?" Is it the perceived quality of the shop ? The perceived quality of a product ? The capacity to quickly deal with a client's problem? The quality / price ratio ?

Data mining can answer these questions and provides clear answers to decision makers. It is not necessarily interesting to try improving the least influent factor of your client's satisfaction, it seems more reasonable to focus on the more influent one. This because the marginal increase of the satisfaction is then higher, making equal improvement more rewarding.