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Smart Flux

What is Smart Flux ? 

Smart Flux is a company created by two entrepreneurs wishing to propose a complete solution to companies that organize events, conferences or parties.


What is Smart Flux doing ?

Smart Flux significantly improves all ingoing and outgoing streams of information and money and waiting times at bars and cloakrooms.


How ? 

Thanks to an innovating mechanism consisting of a uniquely identifiable plastic wristlet that is pretty, environmentally friendly and seamless for customers who won't have to take care of their cloakroom's ticket and their cash.

Connected to a database, this system allows you to access a wide range of accounting features in real time and precise statistics on each event: sales, number of clients, presence time…

Smart Flux

What is the complementarity with KenaGard ?

KenaGard provides data mining services, Smart Flux offers to its customers a complete solution to manage payments during their events. This solution offers the opportunity to aggregate a large amount of data on their client's behavior.

From these data, KenaGard can infer useful knowledge to organize more efficiently these events. A simple example is client profiling: Who are the more profit-making clients ? How can we characterize them (a particular beverage or a particular music) ? Can we recognize their typical behavior ? These informations are extremely useful for a decision maker in order to increase revenue during an event.

KenaGard works directly from Smart Flux's data to assist events organisator in the improvement of their services, their client profiling and their rentability.