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MusicLoop, create your own music with your iPhone

KenaGard released in march 2010, in partnership with CamediaWeb, a music composer for the iPhone: MusicLoop.

MusicLoop logo

The idea is simple, you first record a short piece of music that the application will play in loop, allowing you to record additional tracks in order to create more complex composition. Creating music is made easy with MusicLoop even if you don't have any particular skills. The website dedicated to the application presents its features and a link to buy it on the App Store: musicloopapp.com

This application illustrates our ability to conduct complex projects from beginning to end. Indeed, this project required:

  • Building an iPhone application, respecting user guidelines to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible and using low level APIs for sound management;
  • Communicating with the main social networks (Twitter, Facebook) through APIs;
  • Building a Web Server for users to share their music (using Zend Framework and MySQL);
  • Marketing of the application.

MusicLoop is a demonstration of our mastering of the technologies our clients needs in their innovating projects: a successful interaction between web and mobile technologies.