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Smart computing
One of the main benefit of computer science is smart computing.

This is the ability to extract knowledge from a set of data and the ability to optimize processes thanks to computers. This can be very useful for companies in order to:
  • Minimize its costs ;
  • Get a better view of the market ;
  • Find new ways of innovating ;
  • Help decision makers by providing them quantitative analysis tools to understand and get feedback on the problems they are dealing with and their previously tried solutions.

We have abilities in two fields: data mining and optimization.

Data mining

Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data, that is extracting knowledge explaining those raw data.

This is useful for example to create clients profiles which are used by companies to better adapt their products to their customers. It gives a better understanding of the market, thus, helps taking strategic decisions rationally.


Optimization is for companies concerned with quality and cost.

Optimization allows companies to change from 'make' to 'make the best of'. In today's world, minimizing cost or offering a service of better quality is a way to differ from competitors and gain more market share. 

Who are these technologies for ?

These techniques are made to improve the quality of decisions and the efficiency of production. These are not the concern of large companies only, it is every companies' concern to directly work on costs and increase profitability.
How much do your marketing campaigns cost you? How much these marketing campaigns could be improved by a better targeting? How much profit could you make with a higher precision of your targeting? How much does the shipping to your customers cost you? How many clients could you cover per day with a more efficient planning of your shipping?