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KenaGard - Innovation as a service
KenaGard your innovation partner

KenaGard is a software engineering company, the mission we chose is to help our customers in their technological innovation.

KenaGard is  your ideal partner if you need :

  • Reactivity ;
  • High skills over technical solutions and a strong theoretical background ;
  • Implication in our customers' projects.

Mobile applications   On demand application
Why innovate ?

The question may look innocent, but it deserves that we answer it considering the cost of innovation for a company.

The main reasons that lead to innovation are :

  • Gain more market share ;
  • Lower the cost of a product ;
  • Create new markets ;
  • To differ from competitor.
Innovation is a way of evoluting for companies either by improving its offer or by improving its process.
How to innovate ?

There are two main kinds of innovation : incremental innovations and radical innovations.


Incremental innovations

Incremental innovation is defined as the improvement of existing products or services. It does not bring something completely new but a new way of doing things

This kind of innovation is a reliable investment for companies because it is mainly about doing the same thing in a better way.

We work on mobile application and rich internet application, these technologies fit very well in this description because they offer a new way of doing something that already exist. They can complete a product line buy providing them on new platforms.


Radical innovations

Radical innovation is the creation of a completely new product or service. It presents more risk than the incremental innovation but also offer the possibility to create new markets thus give big advantage to a company against competition.

Radical innovations implie generally a change in the business model for the company. They differentiate clearly the company from its competitor.

In the information technology field, mobile application and rich internet application can also be used for radical innovation since they provide companies with new ways of reaching its customers.